While it’s still too early to travel to Asia, travel will return at some point and we will be prepared. Nobody knows quite how the travel experience will look like when it is back, but we know that safety will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

We have been early to adopt the Safe Travels protocols issued by the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), based on guidelines of WHO (World Health Organisation) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to implement new safety practices and standards. These augment the health and safety guidelines set out by destinations/governments to create worry-free travel experiences for future travelers.

Our SOPs are being revised and updated regularly and will evolve still in the weeks and months to come, so the following guidelines should be seen as a minimum starting point that will be revised further to ensure guests visiting our destinations are provided with top-tier safety standards.


  • Entry requirements will be set by each country
  • Proof of negative covid test will most probably be required by all countries
  • Guests are requested to bring their own masks and pocket sanitizer
  • Comprehensive travel insurance (min $100,000 USD) will most probably be required
  • It will be expected that travelers wear a mask (as guides/drivers will do), besides washing hands frequently and avoid touching the face
  • Expect regular contactless temperature screening at entrance of any place
  • Social/Physical distancing is practiced in all countries


  • Arrival formalities will be dictated by each country 
  • None of our countries has currently set a reopening date for international travelers
  • We expect masks on planes and arrival terminals and temperature checks on arrival. Forms are likely to be filled out (more details per country to be provided upon booking)
  • We do NOT foresee quarantine measures on arrival; if so we will not open travel yet
  • Covid tests may also be implemented on arrival


  • Drivers and guides wear face masks at all times
  • Drivers and guides cannot work if they feel unwell or have fever above 37.5 celsius
  • Strictly NO handshaking between drivers/guides and clients
  • Briefing on COVID situation on arrival with specifics on local measures and social distancing
  • No distribution of documents/papers from guides to clients.
  • Guides to carry spare face masks in case clients require new ones
  • Temperature checks by guide of driver and clients three times per day, logged by guides
  • In the case of elevated temperatures by guides/drivers or clients, tours will be cut short


  • Disinfection of luggage before loading into car
  • Disinfection of car during the day, while clients are visiting or having a meal
  • Special focus on handles, safety belts, seating surfaces, head rests and windows
  • Vehicle disinfection log to be kept by driver
  • Disinfectant to be alcohol-based and follow WHO standards
  • Disinfectant hand sanitizer available on board for clients
  • Seating on buses to remain assigned – no rotation
  • Spacing with a minimum 1 seat in between travellers
  • Capacity of vehicles at 50% of normal capacity
  • 1 person instead of 2 in Saloon car; 2-4 iso 6-8 persons in Van; 9-12 pax iso 15-19 in Small bus; 9-14 pax  iso 15-21 pax in 30-seater bus; 15-21 pax iso 25-30 pax in 45-seater  
  • On bigger vehicles, embarking and disembarking by rows


  • Visits will be adapted to avoid crowded locations like markets and other places
  • Briefings/reminders on social distancing and specific safety precautions prior to arrival at each site
  • Clients can choose to skip a visit or ask guides to change if they don’t feel comfortable
  • No queuing by clients, tickets will be purchased in advance by company/guide where possible
  • Social distancing during visits/walks
  • It may be required to book pre-allocated visiting times at certain sites – details to be advised


  • All restaurants and food outlets booked by EXO will have had to submit their safety and hygiene protocols to EXO Travel
  • All restaurants to emphasize spacing between tables with min 1.5m and ideally 2m separation
  • If client agrees, outside or terrace seating can be booked when available and desired
  • Contactless temperature checks on arrival at restaurants
  • All seating arrangements and chairs to be disinfected/wiped in the presence of clients
  • Cutlery, glasses and dishes to be set up when client sits down
  • All restaurant staff to wear masks
  • Hand sanitizing alcohol to be provided at entrances and throughout restaurants
  • Restrooms to be cleaned hourly and contact surfaces wiped/sanitized
  • No menu cards to be offered/distributed. Alternatives will be pre-ordered menus, downloadable menus onto smartphones or blackboard menus
  • No buffet meals will be offered/planned in itineraries


  • All hotels booked will have to submit their safety and hygiene protocols to EXO Travel
  • EXO Travel to provide hotels with client info in advance to allow contactless check-in
  • Temperature screening via thermal or contactless screening upon check-in
  • Hotels will follow social distancing rules and an enhanced cleaning protocol in all areas
  • Buffet meals will be replaced by a la carte service
  • Room service will be arranged if guests prefer
  • Pool and fitness facilities will be subject to distancing rules and regular disinfection
  • Hotels may refuse accommodation to guests if they have an elevated temperature upon checking in